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New York City, NY

One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway - 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10006

(800) 348-3426 ~ (212) 344-2500

New York City has been the primary business location since the firm was founded in 1946. The New York City office provides a base for the firm's Public Finance, Credit Analysis, Underwriting, Trading, Sales and Operations departments.

See our recent Underwriting Record in New York.

Administration & Operations

F. Gregory Finn, Chairman of the Board
Thomas Vigorito, Chief Executive Officer
William W. Welsh, Chief Marketing Officer
David W. Moore, Chief Operating Officer
David A. Gilman, Chief Financial Officer


Thomas Vigorito, President
William W. Welsh, Executive Vice President - Manager of Sales
David W. Donohue, Executive Vice President
Timothy B. Meagher, Senior Vice President
Mark P. Haslinger, Vice President
Ronald E. Hill, Vice President
William H. Pryor, Assistant Vice President
Brendan Collins


F. Gregory Finn, Executive Vice President - Manager of Underwriting
Stephen R. Taliercio, Senior Vice President
William D. Grimes, Vice President


John M. Farawell, Executive Vice President - Manager of Trading
Stephen M. Guarente, Senior Vice President
Joseph W. Daly, Vice President
Neal M. Debonte, Vice President

Public Finance

Scott T. Monahan, Senior Vice President
Paul T. Lamas, Executive Vice President
Elaine M. Brennan, Senior Vice President
Charles C. Stavitski, Esq., Senior Vice President
Zhanna A. Shishko, Senior Vice President


Susannah L. Page, Senior Vice President - Manager of Research
Susan Schwartz, Associate

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  One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway-22nd Floor
New York, NY 10006
(800) 348-3426

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